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The BASIC tariff is the ideal way to jumpstart your online shop. Retailers benefit from low baseline fees and transparent charges. You can upgrade to a customised PRO tariff to enjoy a range of premium services. We’re happy to provide you with a quote tailored to the needs of your online shop.

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Merchants France & UK

Our BASIC tariff is the perfect basis for a successful entry into online sales. With the low basic fee and transparent cost sharing, your account will grow to meet your individual needs.

Monthly BASIC fee
39 €*

Sales fee including payment processing costs

Reduced sales fee
For categories such as (Computers, Electronics, Cameras & Accessories, Tyres & Rims,
Household Appliances, Vehicle Sound Systems & Navigation**)
5 %*
Standard sales fee9 %*
Participation in Rakuten Point programme1 %*
Variable fees
Affiliate fee1 %*
Cancellation fee (only if merchant at fault)3 %*
One time fees
Setup fee (not applicable for annual billing) 49 €*


* all fees excl. VAT. Monthly BASIC fee can be paid yearly. If you choose monthly payment we charge a setup fee with the first payment. We book the fees by direct debit so your bank account needs the required coverage.