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Example CSV file

Here you can find an example csv file for the product data import. It shows which fields are possible and how to create a csv file manually.

Download Example CSV file

Rakuten category list

Here can find the current list of Rakuten categories. These categories are needed to categorize your products for the Rakuten.de marketplace.

You have to set one Rakuten category per product.

Download Rakuten Category list

List of reduced Rakuten categories

For some categories you have to pay reduced fees. See the categories in the csv file. Improtant: you need for most products an according GTIN. 

List of reduced categories


Example of SetOrderInLogistics function

Some ERP systems are able to set the status SetOrderInLogistics. With this API call you can disable the cancellation functionaliy for the customer and Rakuten customer service (for 48 hrs).