Quality Score


We introduced the Merchant Quality Score as a way to measure our customers' satisfaction with your performance and that of other merchants.

The aim of the Merchant Quality Score ('MSQ' for short) is to determine each merchant's performance based on the criteria listed below. It is designed to serve as a quality improvement tool and assist in improving your quality of service.

Quality Management will send regular emails updating you about the status of your Merchant Quality Score.

The score ranges from 0 ("very bad") to 10 ("very good"). You can view your score at the Merchant Backend. Only you as a merchant and Rakuten have access to your MQS.

You can view your current status and see how your service quality has developed over the past months by viewing the MSQ history at the Merchant Backend.

Every month on the 16th, the Merchant Quality Score for the previous month is released. If this date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the data will be provided on the following working day.

You can also view the quotas and history for each criterion listed below as well as the orders concerned.

If you have any questions regarding the Merchant Quality Score, please contact your e-commerce consultant or Merchant Support.


Key criteria

The Merchant Quality Score is based on an evaluation of the following four criteria. Each criterion is weighted separately by Rakuten using internal calculations. These calculations are the same for all merchants. This provides a more precise representation of which quality criteria are relevant to the customer.  


Customer enquiries (Customer enquiry rate)

This criterion counts the number of customer enquiries relating to orders placed in your shop and which can be directly matched to these. For each order only one enquiry will be counted, even if several case numbers are allocated to an order placed in your shop.

The quota is calculated on the basis of the ratio of orders with a customer enquiry to all orders.


Merchant order cancellations (Cancellation rate)

This criterion includes all cancellations for which you as the merchant are responsible. This includes instances where you initiated the order cancellation as well as instances in which the customer can demonstrate that the cancellation was caused by you, e.g. because items were not delivered on time.

The number of cancellations made or caused by the merchant is assessed in relation to the total number of orders for the selected period.


Shipping delays (Late shipment rate)

Rakuten uses this criterion to evaluate your quota of orders that have been shipped late in relation to the total number of orders placed in your Rakuten shop for the selected period.

For this, all orders that were not shipped to the customer within the specified period are counted as a shipping delay. For example, if the merchant only shipped an order after 3 days despite promising to ship the order within 1 to 3 working days. The decisive factor is the date on which the merchant entered the order as "shipped" at the Merchant Backend. Please observe the last shipping date based on the shipping times provided. 


Return rate

The return rate represents the ratio of returns to the total number of orders for your shop for the selected period.

A return rate higher than the average return rate for the respective product category on the Rakuten marketplace will have a negative impact on your Merchant Quality Score.


You have questions or need support?

Merchant Support is available to answer any questions you may have about the Merchant Quality Score. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to