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Base settings (Einstellungen)

On the page Einstellungen you can e.g.

  • change the password
  • upload your shop logo
  • deactivate the automatic invoice function
  • set the payout period

Change your password (Passwort ändern)

Here you can change your password.

Your logo (Ihr  Logo)

Add your shop logo here. It will be displayed on the customer invoices and in the shop template.

Platform for online dispute resolution (Plattform zur Online Streitbeilegung)

 Normally you don't need to change anything. Only if you have to participate in an online dispute.

Small business (Kleinunternehmer)

If you have a small business in Germany you can check here the box.

Automatic billing (Automatische Rechnungserstellung)

Rakuten takes care of receivables management and invoicing for your customers.
By confirming the shipment, the customer automatically receives an invoice in PDF format in your name.
If automatic billing is activated, you must not generate your own invoice (double billing).

If you do not want to use automatic billing, deactivate this function. This deactivates the purchase on invoice at the same time until you send us a sample bill indicating that a debt-exempt payment may only be made to Rakuten. If the customer pays to you, you are obliged to inform us immediately.

Billing of sales fees and payments (Abrechnung der Verkaufsgebühren und Auszahlungen)

You have the opportunity to choose in which rhythm the pay outs should be made. Here you can choose for the following payouts, whether this should be done every day, weekly, biweekly or once per month.

The amounts are always settled after the expiry of the 16-day security period (14 days cancellation period and 2 days shipping), which starts the day after shipping.

Please note that all orders that have been marked as shipped before the payout rhythm has been changed will still be billed according to the old payout frequency.

Shipment (Versand)

Here you can create the shipping groups that you need for your shop.
You set both: the delivery costs and the costs for the return in case of revocation.
The shipping costs are created in the form of groups.

Set shipping costs (Versandkosten einstellen)

Rakuten provides up to 20 shipping groups.

Each product (including variants) must be assigned exactly 1 shipping group.

There are no weight, quantity or cost-based shipping groups.     

By default, the system has already created shipping group 1 with free shipping.    

You can change this by clicking the edit button.     

For the return costs in the case of a return is specified by default "customer bears return costs".

You can also edit the other shipping groups by clicking on the respective button.

In the first column Settings you have the possibility to set from which amount you want to send free of charge and how high the maximum shipping costs should be (capping). Shipment to other countries can be activated under supplier countries (Lieferländer) as soon as we have your VAT ID.

In the Rakuten system it is possible to ship to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Portugal

Set up shipping group and edit it (Versandgruppe anlegen und bearbeiten)

In the popup after clicking Edit or Create you have the option of entering a description of the shipping group.

Below you have the option of determining whether you want to charge a flat rate
or ask for shipping costs for each item.

  • Flat rate (Versandkostenpauschale) means that the shipping costs are only charged once in this shipping group, no matter how many items the customer buys.
  • Per article (Versandkosten je Artikel) means that the customer pays the deposited shipping costs for each article.

Shipping costs (Hinsendekosten)

Include below the shipping costs. These are the costs that the customer has to pay for the delivery.
Here you have the option to choose whether you want to deliver for free or charge shipping costs. In the second field, click on the upper circle and enter the shipping costs in the input field.

Return costs (Rücksendekosten)

Under Notes (Hinweise) you define the conditions for the return shipment in case of a revocation. First enter the shipping method.

This can be:     

  • parcel (Paketversand)
  • Forwarding (non-parcels)
  • digital shipping

f you have clicked parcel shipment, you can choose whether     

  • You want to carry the return shipping costs in case of revocation
  • the customer should carry the return shipping costs in case of revocation.

If you have clicked forwarding shipment, you can choose whether

  • You want to carry the return shipping costs in case of revocation
  • the customer should bear the return costs and how high the costs are.
  • In this case, you must specify the costs. In this case please arrange the return transport immediately.
  • If you have clicked on digital shipping, the right of withdrawal for the customer is excluded. This only applies to digital goods. If the customer wants to put the item into the shopping cart, he must actively confirm the waiver of a right of withdrawal.

If you ship the items from outside of the EU please check the according checkbox.

Please save the shipping group (Versandgruppe speichern)

Global settings (Globale Einstellungen)

Under Global settings, you can specify how shipping costs should be calculated when the customer orders multiple items from different shipping groups.

You can make the following selection:

  • Highest group price (standard)
    The highest shipping costs are calculated.
  • Lowest group price
    The shipping group with the lowest shipping costs will be used for the calculation.
  • Add group prices
    The shipping costs of all participating shipping groups are added up and calculated.

Example: Customer orders an item from shipping group 1 and an item from shipping group 2.
Shipping costs Group 1: 6,50 Euro flat rate
Shipping costs Group 2: 2,20 Euro flat rate

  • Highest group price: shipping group 1: 6,50 Euro
  • Lowest Group Price: Shipping Group 2: 2,20 Euro
  • Group prices added: 6,50 + 2,20 = 8,70 Euro

My account info (Meine Kundendaten)

Goto Verwaltung > Meine Kundendaten.

Here you find

  • contract data (Vertragsdaten)
  • imprint data (Impressumsangaben)
  • customer service contact data (Kontaktdaten)
  • warehouse/return address (Lager- / Retourenadresse)

contract data (Vertragsdaten)

Under contract data, you will find the information you have provided about your company and the bank details.

You will also find links to the current fee overview under Fees.
Changes to the contract data can only be made through the administration.
Please send an email to

imprint data (Impressumsangaben)

Under Impressumsangaben you find all data, which are obligatory for the imprint.

You can set this up yourself when setting up the Rakuten Shop. Once the shop has been reviewed by the administration team, you can not change anything here.

Please send changes to

Not yet approved account:

Mandatory information for the imprint

Please complete all fields that are relevant for you.

If you are not sure about the details, please read the instructions and sample information.

Your details will then be checked and approved by Rakuten.

Approved account:

Mandatory information for the imprint

Your imprint has been checked and approved by Rakuten.

If you have any changes to your data, please inform us immediately by e-mail

Represented by: The authorized representative of your company.

Responsible according to §55 Abs. 2 RStV: Who is editorially responsible for the shop and the contents.

Jurisdiction: Place of the competent court.

Do you have a VAT ID? VAT ID is required for sales abroad.  You will receive the VAT ID from the responsible tax office.

Do you have an economic identification number? The economic identification number is for economically active ones, thus entrepreneurs. This ID no. is not yet introduced.

Do you have a WEEE Reg. No.? Mandatory if you distribute electrical and electronic goods.

Do you practice an activity with regulatory approval? (eg restaurants, brokers, banks, travel agents, insurance companies, property developers, driving schools ...)
Here you indicate the responsible supervisory authority.

Do you belong to a professional group with specific admission requirements? (For example, lawyers, doctors, architects, pharmacists, veterinarians, tax advisers, representatives of the health professions such as physiotherapists, speech therapists, midwives, ...) Enter here the chamber, professional title, professional regulations.

contact data of your customer service (Kontaktdaten)

Please enter here the data, under which customers can reach you. These will be displayed in your shop and on the Rakuten portal.
Enter the contact person responsible for customer inquiries here.
Under Phone availability, indicate the period in which you are definitely available.

wharehouse / return address (Lager- / Retourenadresse)

If your warehouse or shipping address differs from your company address, you can enter a different warehouse or return address here.

This will then be indicated as a shipping or return address on the shipping labels and the return note and in the cancellation policy.

Important notice: the return address for german merchants has to be in Germany, for austrian merchants in Austria. For merchants from outside Germany or Austri

Accounting (Abrechnungen)

In this section you will find all bills that are created automatically by Rakuten.
All payrolls are divided into different number ranges, which are listed here in brackets.
The next two digits indicate the year in question.

You always have the option to download the invoice via PDF.
In addition, you can also download a CSV file for each payroll, basic charges, returns and credit.

  • Payouts (Auszahlungen) (01)
  • base fees (Grundgebühren) (03)
  • returns (Retouren) (15)
  • discounts (Gutschriften) (11)
  • cancellations (Stornierungen) (13)
  • invoices for orders (Rechnungen zu Bestellungen)
  • additional fees (Zusatzgebühren) (35)


  • Versandkosten alt (02)
  • VIP-Einblendungen alt (17)
  • Zusatzportal alt (20)
  • Servicegebühr alt (25)
  • SMS alt (23)
  • Werbeplätze alt (17)
  • Cross Border alt (33)
  • Affiliategebühr alt (34)
  • Superpunktegebühr alt (32)

Superpoints, affiliate fee, cancellation fee and Rakuten PRO fees are always billed at the end of the month in a collective bill ass additional fees (Zusatzgebühren).

You start in the overview of the billing with the sales charge (Auszahlungen).

payouts and sales fees (Auszahlungen und Verkaufsgebühren)

Here you will find all statements of sales fees that have become due since the start of your Rakuten shop.

You always have the current month as a view. Other months and years can be found in the upper right corner under "Please select the desired period".

Next to each billing date you will find the PDF document with the corresponding billing and a CSV file with the corresponding items, so that you can import them into your accounting program.

Payouts will be made according to the payout schedule you have made. You can do this under Administration → Settings → Sales Charges and Payments.

pdf file (PDF-Dokument)

You can download the pdf file.

Billing is sorted by shipped orders. You will always find the order number with the date that will be settled in the invoice (Bestellnummer/Bestelldatum). Behind it you will find the invoice amount (Rechnungsbetrag). Under fee (net) (Gebühr (netto)) you will find the net percentage of the sales charge.
Behind it you will find the amount that will be paid out (Auszahlungsbetrag) to you on this order. The last amount is the gross amount of the sales charge (Verkaufsgebühren (brutto)).

The total amount of the sales charges can be found under Total (net) or (gross).

"The sales fees have been deducted from the invoice amount. The withdrawal amount (xx, xx EUR) was transferred to your account at xx.xx.20xx." Here you can see the amount that will be booked to your account.

If you have any credit balance on the sales charge, the remaining balance with the expiration date is also shown.

csv file (CSV-Datei)

 Behind every bill you will find the corresponding CSV file. Please note that there is no combined CSV file for all booking transactions.

In the billing section, you will find the following information in the CSV file:

  • The file name contains the billing number. Example: 01-16-123456
  • In column B you will find the order date
  • In column C you will find the buyer's name
  • In column D you will find the order number. If the order contains several items: These are listed seperated in different rows. In the graphic above you can see a multi-item order in lines 5 and 6
  • In columns E and F you will find the Rakuten article number and your own article number for the product
  • In column G you will find the order quantity, which gives the invoice amount in column I.
  • In column J you will find the total amount of the bill. This also includes the shipping costs.  If it is a multi-item order, you will find in the last line of the order the total amount over all items plus shipping costs.
  • Column K contains the percentage of the sales charge applied.
  • This results in column L, the sales fee for the item incl. VAT.
  • In the column M you will find the sales fee total for the order including shipping and VAT.
  • Columns N and O show the UST shares in the amounts of columns L and M, respectively.
  • In column P you will find the payout amount resulting from the difference between columns I and L.
  • In the Q column you will find the payout amount resulting from the difference between the J and M columns.

base fee (Grundgebühren)

In the area of base fees, you will find all bills of the base fees. This view can only be filtered by year. If you have set monthly payments, you will always see the monthly bills here.

Please note the terms of your contract, which you can find in the confirmation of approval.
The basic fee is 39 euros plus VAT.

Note: Merchants from outside Germany and Austria can only be billed yearly.

returns (Retouren)

if you receive returns please process them in time. The buyer has the right to return goods in the return period. 


In the CSV file you can see the returned articles. The difference to the CSV file is that the negative values ​​(also represent adjustment postings to the corresponding settlements). The columns R and S, which contain the return type (partial or full return) and the return date, have been added.

credit note (Gutschriften)

Under the heading credits you will find the bills for the credits between Rakuten and you as a dealer. These credits come from the orders area.
The credits to the customer can be found in the respective order under the tab credit / return.

Please note that these bills are net.

cancellations (Stornierungen)

Below this point you will find the contractually agreed cancellation fees.

The cancellation fees will be charged at the end of the month from July 2013.

Will the cancellation fee be charged in addition to the sales charge?
No, the cancellation fee is not calculated in addition to the sales charge.

Will a cancellation fee be charged for each cancellation?
No. Only for cancellations due to your fault (not or not contractually provided services such as delivery delay, unavailable goods, etc.) a cancellation fee of 3% of the order value (including shipping costs) is due. Both you and your customer can indicate the reason for a cancellation.

invoices to orders (Rechnungen zu Bestellungen)

Under this point you can see all customer invoices.

These invoices are automatically generated by the system.

If you have deactivated the automatic creation of the invoice under Administration > Shop Settings under Automatic Invoice Creation (Automatische Rechnungserstellung), you will not find any files here.

additional fees (Zusatzgebühren)

The additional fees are billed monthly. These are

  • Superpunktegebühr
  • Affiliategebühr
  • Stornierungen
  • Abrechnung für PRO-Grundgebühr

In the pdf file you can see the fees aggregated. In the csv file you find the orders.

shop front (Shop-Schaufenster)

Here you have the possibility to add your Facebook and twitter account details.

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