Statistics (Statistik)

In this section you will find some statistics about your account.

Here you will find:
Übersicht | Kampagnen | Robots | Zahlungsarten | Umsatz nach Lieferland | KPI-Übersicht

Overview (Übersicht)  Here you will see the number of orders, the basket value and the total order value of the selected month.

The page Campaigns (Kampagnen) is outdated.


Here you can see which crawler visited in the last 3 days your account and how often.

Payment methods (Zahlungsarten)

Here you can see which payment methods were used in the selected time frame. 

Total order value by delivery country (Umsatz nach Lieferland)

Here you see the total order values seperated by delivery countries.

If you reach the sales threshold (right column) of the respective country of delivery within a calendar year, you will be subject to VAT in the country of delivery (does not apply to VAT opticians).

Please get a sales tax ID in the country of destination and submit a VAT return there.

Please also take into account all sales outside of Rakuten, which you have in the respective delivery country.

Under Administration -> Automatic Invoice Creation, deactivate the function that Rakuten creates the invoices for you. Only then can you create the consumer invoices with the correct tax rate.

This feature can be found under Administration.

KPI-Overview (KPI-Übersicht)

In this section you can see the quality criteria for the Rakuten PRO tariff. The criteras are divided in 2 parts: product data quality and service quality.

If everything is ok and you have 100 % correct data you will see the field in green.

  • image size at least 500 pixels
  • valid first product image
  • Product description between 5 and 5000 chars
  • Product title between 5 and 100 chars
  • Percentage of products with Rakuten categories
  • Have all products a brand?
  • Have all products a GTIN?

Product data quality

  • customer reviews (over 4.0)
  • percentage of customer contacts answered in 1 workday
  • percentage of orders delivery in time
  • percentage of deliveries with tracking code (orders over 20 Euro order value)
  • percentage of customer complaints

Service quality

In the service quality section you can select the month for which you want to see the selected data. Click on one of the boxes and you will see the data for this topic.

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