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General (Allgemein)

  • Status Ihres Shops
    Shop ist aktiv und im Internet erreichbar: Set your account live so the customer can see your shop and buy your products
    Shop ist vorübergehend nicht erreichbar ( Nachricht für Besucher eintragen ): your account is offline. no one can buy or see your products
  • Name des Shops (shop name)
    The name for your merchant profile (shop)
  • Kurzbeschreibung (short description)
    Short description with max. 170 characters. Used for search engines



Layout you can change the design of your shop layout.

For more information see our pdf file.




Mobile you can change the look of the mobile template.

  • Basisfarbe base color
  • Einstiegsbild (Top page image) choose from the folder Eigene Dateien. (width about 320 px to 960 px. We recommend  480 px.
  • Überschrift (headline) add a headline
  • Text für die Startseite Add a short text to the top page.

The mobile template uses the logo uploaded under Verwaltung > Einstellungen.

In the preview mode you can review your changes. You can publish the design by clicking the button veröffentlichen.

Don't forget to activaqt the mobile template.



Navigation you can add links to the navigation menues Hauptmenü (main menu) and Rechtliche Informationen (legal menu).

Go to Shop → Navigation.

Add a new link (Anlegen eines neuen Links)

Click on the Button Link hinzufügen (add link).

Now you can choose the type of the link from the drop down menu. Please ask your consultant about this functionality.


Additional page (Inhaltsseiten)

Here you can add additional pages like an about us page or a page about etc.

Note: You have to add the link e.g. to a menu or to a slider image etc.

Add a new additional page (Inhaltsseite anlegen)

Go to Shop → Inhaltsseiten

Click on the button Neue Seite anlegen (Add new page).

You have to add a headline (Überschrift der Seite) and the text (Seiteninhalt). 

Save the page by clicking speichern.

Edit page (Inhaltsseite bearbeiten)

Product list (Produktlisten)

Product lists are similar to additional pages but you can add here up to 20 products. 

Add a new product list (Erstellen einer Produktliste)

Go to Shop → Produktlisten. Click on Produktliste anlegen to add a product list.

Name der Produktliste: Add the page title.

Insert the content of the page in the Seiteninhalt-box.

Save the product list by clicking on Produktliste anlegen.

Add products (Produkte hinzufügen)

Click on Produkt hinzufügen to add up to 20 products. Choose or search for the products you want to add to the product list by clicking on the blue icon on the right side.

You can search for the products. Click on the blue button to add the product to the product list.

Media library (Eigene Dateien)

You can upload under Shop > Eigene Dateien  files you want to use e.g. in your shop design.

Click on Durchsuchen… to search for the file (max. 2.5 MB) and afterwards click on Datei hochladen.

If you want to update a file tick the checkbox Dateien mit gleichem Namen überschreiben.

Note: The files can be used with the Look&Feel editor.


You can use the blog system under Shop > Blog. Write some articles and the users can read and comment them.

Blog-Titel: enter the title of the blog and save it with speichern.

Write an article with Beitrag schreiben.

Titel des Beitrags: title of the article.

Thema des Beitrags: the blog category

To publish the article tick the box Beitrag veröffentlichen and save the article with speichern.

Note: there is a link in every template to the Blog. 
Pangea has the option to show articles on the top page.

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