Orders (Bestellungen)

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Order management (Bestellverwaltung): Here you can manage your orders. You will find here all new orders. If you want to see all orders you can use the filter in the left.

Customer accounts (Kundenkonten): You can see all orders created through an customer account.

Export data (Daten exportieren): Export the customer data or the order data as a csv file.

Customer reviews (Kundenbewertungen): Here you can see the reviews made by your customers.

Order management (Bestellverwaltung)

Here you have the possibility to process the received orders.

Orders can be processed either here in shop administration or via an external system that has (or uses) an interface to process orders with Rakuten.

In the order overview you have several filter to sort the orders.
These are: approved order (
Zur Bearbeitung freigegeben); Shipped (Versendet); Paid out (Ausbezahlt); Return/partly return (Retoure/Teilretoure); Canceled (Storniert); delivery delayed (Lieferverzug); All (Alle).

The orders are displayed from newest to oldest with following information:

  • order no. (Bestellnummer): consists of 9 digits, e.g: 123-456-789

  • order date (Eingang): date and time of order

  • payment method (Zahlungsart): the payment method used by customer

  • order value (Bestellwert): the value of the order incl. shipping costs

  • shipping date (Versanddatum): latest shipping date - not the real shipping date

  • Status: there are three status possible

    • Waiting for approval (Warte auf Freigabe): the order can not be shipped until the order has been approved by Rakuten

    • edit now (jetzt bearbeiten): Now you can ship the order to the customer

    • delivery delay (Lieferverzug): you missed the latest shipping date for this order. You have to ship the order immediately

To edit an order click on the order no.


Processing order (Bestellung bearbeiten)

General (Allgemein)

The first tab Allgemein shows the main data for processing the order. To process an order you have to click on the order number on the overview page.


Order approved (Freigabe der Bestellung)

If the order has the status Waiting for approval (Warte auf Freigabe) the order cannot shipped until the status is order approved (jetzt bearbeiten).

If the status in the first line is Freigabe (approved) you can send the order to the customer.


If the status of the order is approved you can choose your delivery service and type in the tracking code. If your delivery service is not in the drop down menu please post the tracking link and confirm shipment.

Below you will find the data of your customer. You have to deliver the order to the Lieferadresse (delivery address).

The Kundendaten (customer data) are the data of the buyer. This address can be the same as under Lieferadresse but this is no need. On the right side you can see Darunter finden Sie die Angaben zum Kunden und den bestellten Artikeln.


On the tab Dokumente (documents) you will find the delivery notice (Lieferschein). Please print this pdf file out and add it to the parcel.

Under Lieferanschrift you can see the delivery address.

Nachricht an Kunde

Here you have the possibility to send a short message to your customer.


On the tab Protokoll you have a protocol about this order with the different steps like date and time of shipment etc.


You can add internal a note to the order only visible for you.

discount/return (Gutschrift / Retoure)

Return (Retouren)

The customer has the right to return orders within a period of 14 days after receiving the order. That is an european law.

The customer has to declare that he wants to return the order within the revocation period. After you reveived the returned order you have to pay the money back. You have up to 60 days after shipment to use this function.


  • After you received the returned order go to the tab Gutschrift / Retoure and choose the amount of the returned goods (1)

  • If the customer had to pay shipping costs please insert the amount in the according box after Erstattung Hinsendekosten (2)

  • If the customer paid the return costs but you declared the returns for free you can insert the amount in the according box Erstattung Rücksendekosten (3)

  • Click on Retoure anweisen to start the pay back process. The customer will get the money back (4)

Important note: We will pay out the order to your bank account and book the money automatically back. It is important that you have an according deposit on your bank a

Delivery delay / Canellation (Lieferverzögerung / Stornierung)

Delivery delay (Lieferverzögerung)

It is important that you choose a delivery date (time frame) in which the customer will receive his order. Sometimes it can happen that you can't diliver in time. For this case you have the possiblity to set a new delivery date.

You can find this option on the tab Lieferverzögerung / Stornierung)

Cancellation (Stornierung)

If the customer writes to you and wants to cancel the order you have the possibility to do it on the same tab Lieferverzögerung / Stornierung. Choose Artikel gefällt nicht mehr  and confirm cancelation. If you have to cancel in order you can't ship item or are out of stock please choose Ware nicht lieferbar.

Please note: The customer can also cancel the order directly out of the customer account. Also the Rakuten customer service has the possibility to cancel an order.  An order can only be canceled before you confirmed shipment.

Customer account (Kundenkonten)

To see all orders made with an customer account just click on the link Kundenkonten. 

Hier haben Sie die Möglichkeit, eine Nachricht an den Kunden zu schreiben. Die Nachricht wird dem Kunden per E-Mail zugestellt.

Export data (Daten exportieren)

You have the possibility to export the customer and order data as a csv file.

Customer data (Kundendaten)

First choose the fields you want to export. The easiest way ist to export all data (don't change the settings)

  • customer id (Kunden-ID) the internal Rakuten customer id; 
  • last order (Letzte Bestellung); 
  • number of orders (Anzahl Bestellungen);
  •  total order value (Umsatz);
  • customer since (Kunde seit); 
  • phone no. (Telefon); 
  • Newsletter 1 if accepted, 0 if not; 
  • E-Mail ; 
  • country (Land); 
  • company (Firma);
  • city (Ort); 
  • ZIP (PLZ); 
  • street (Strasse);
  • last name (Nachname);
  • first name (Vorname); 
  • salutation (Anrede); 
  • customer account (Kundenkonto)  has an customer account, 0 has not a customer account

On the right side you can define some rules. E.g.  no. of orders greater/ less than or gender equals male and so on.

With Daten exportieren you can generate an Excel-File with the selected data.

If you want to save your rule, you can export it with Diesen Export speichern als. Enter a file name and click on speichern to save.

order data (Bestelldaten)

Click on the tab Bestelldaten to export order related data. 

Note: You will not see the several items of an order in that file.

  • customer-id (Kunden-ID); order no (Bestellnummer); ZIP (PLZ); city (Ort); country (Land); E-Mail; phone no. (Telefon); 
    delivery address salutation (Liefer Anrede); delivery address first name (Liefer Vorname); delivery address last name (Liefer Nachname); 
    delivery address company (Liefer Firma); delivery address street (Liefer Strasse); delivery address ZIP (Liefer PLZ); delivery address city (Liefer Ort); delivery address country (Liefer Land); street (Strasse); company (Firma); order date (Bestelleingang); 
    source (Quelle);  status; payment method (Zahlungsart); total order value (Bestellwert gesamt); item value (Warenwert);
    shipping costs (Versandkosten); voucher value (Gutscheinwert); voucher code (Gutscheincode); invoice no (Rechnungs-Nr);
    comment (Kommentar Kunde); customer account (Kundenkonto); salutation (Anrede); First name (Vorname); last name (Nachname); invoice-date (Rechnungsdatum)

You can filter the data by order date, order value, status, payment method, source, voucher used. You can use greater than, equal or less than - depending on the selected filter.


customer reviews (Kundenbewertungen)

Under Orders (Bestellungen)  > customer reviews (Kundenbewertungen) you will see the customer reviews for the several orders.

Click on the name to see the review.

On the review detail page you will see:

Order received? (Haben Sie Ihre Bestellung bereits erhalten?) yes/no (Ja/Nein)

How satisfied are you with the order? (Wie zufrieden sind Sie mit Ihrer Bestellung?)  rating from 1 to 5 stars

product (Produkt), packaging (Verpackung), dilivery time (Lieferzeit), merchant service (Händler-Service) rating from 1 to 5 stars

Your [of the customer] Feedback (Ihr Feedback zum Händler) 

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