Messages (Nachrichten)

You can find here all messages sent through the contact form in your merchant profile (shop) or through the customer account.

In the section Nachrichten you will find:
Postfach | Aktuelle Meldungen

Mailbox (Postfach) provides all messages sent through the contact form.

News (Aktuelle Meldungen) shows news from Rakuten Germany.

Mailbox (Postfach)

Please note that your answers are not stored in the system. We recomment to answer through  your own mail system.

If you have a new message in your Rakuten mailbox you will get an email. You have to login to see the message.

Edit message (Nachricht bearbeiten)

Here you can see the message which you received through the contact form.

  • Please answer the message through your own mail system. The answers will not be stored in our system.


Here you will see spam mails.

News (Aktuelle Meldungen)

Here you will see news provided by Rakuten Germany about selling at Rakuten, e-commerce related topics and so on.

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