Here you can find several marketing tools.

You can find here:

 Superpunkte | Gutscheine | Händler werben Händler

Superpunkte links to an information pdf.

recommend new merchants (Händler werben Händler) pays you for new merchants.

recommend new merchants (Händler werben Händler)

If you recommend a new merchant, you will receive a 250 € from Rakuten for a deduction of your fees. 

To do this, go to the page Marketing → Händler werben Händler 

For every new merhcant who opens a shop (except Multishops) at Rakuten through your recommendation in the shop assistant you will receive a bonus of 250 Euro in the form of a shopping voucher. 

This only works if you click on the "Recommend now" link.

After clicking on  Jetzt empfehlen you will get an Pop-up. Where you can type in the data of the new merchants.

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