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Request a new one by clicking on "Passwort vergessen" on the page  https://merchants.rakuten.de.

You need your account no. and your registered email address.

Please also look in your spam folder.

Only new products are allowed. 

In the terms and conditions is a link to the  list with forbidden  products.

A valid list of prohibited articles can be viewed here: 

Prohibited Articles

Prohibited weapons: Spring and fall knives; Butterfly knives, fist knives, canes, knives in belt buckle, steel rods, blackjacks, brass knuckles, throwing stars, nunchakus, CS gas; Pepper spray; Electric impulse weapons, Kubatons; batons; Tonfas; Firearms; Ammunition; Hand grenades; Taser

Weapons which needs a permission: Rifles; guns; Revolver; Air guns with more than 7.5 joules of projectile energy; The appearance of weapons; Airsoft weapons; Air rifles; Paintball guns; Crossbones

Superior services: Healing instruments 

fake certificates and identity cards: Imitations of official identity cards; Fun cards; spurious certificates; Qualifications 

Drugs: Herbal XTC; natural speed; intoxicating herbs; LSD-related substances; Instructions on home-growing marijuana; Instructions for cooking and baking with cannabis; THC test kits; Schnupfsets; Joint covers; Hiding boxes for hiding cannabis; Grinder; mills; Other drugs; Drug paraphernalia; Bongs; Chillums; Additives for urine tests; drug-eliminating beverages; Salvia; Magic Mushrooms; anabolic steroids; Muscle-building stacks and cycles

Lands: Moon Landscapes; Mars Land; Star baptisms; Real Estate 

Tobacco: Tobacco; cigars; cigarettes; Hookah tobacco; Cigarettes Tobacco 

Items of National Socialist relevance: swastikas; Sig-runes; SS emblems; Stylized celtic crosses; Prohibited slogans and salutations; uniforms; Uniform parts of Wehrmacht, SS, SA; Flags and badges (for example Reichskriegsflagge 1935-1945); Reichskriegsflaggen (also before 1935); Hitler images; Clothing of the brands Thor Steinar, Consdaple, Erik and Sons; Problematic slogans; Black and white and red flags of any design (except if clearly not in the National Socialist context); Action figures of Nazi officials, Wehrmacht SS soldiers; Original edition "Mein Kampf"

 erotic: injections and infusions; needles; syringes; cannulas; Pinwheels; Nervous wheels; dilators; spreader; Catheter; terminals; Torture accessories; Adult baby fetish; juvenile, pornographic or vulgar pictures; Erotic articles for extreme pain addition; Erotic articles for humiliation or submission; Representation of sexual intercourse with animals; pornographic websites

Other products: Modchips; Piracy; Imitations, counterfeit goods; fake autographs, stamps; Currency trading; camouflaged transmitters; Wireless cameras; Tea with ginko leaves; Carrier media (heavily harmful media with absolute ban on distribution); Carrier media marked "No youth release"; Carrier media marked "Release from 18 years"; Parts of the body; Bulk email software; Enamelists without the consent of the recipient; Radar detector; prescription drugs; living animals; wrong representation e.g. as Google MA; Fireworks; easily inflammable substances; radioactive substances; subscriptions; personal data; Usury; Multilevel marketing businesses; Doorstep selling; Promotional businesses on the Internet; Amounts of returned or blocked checks; Payment of cash; Penalties; fines; Fines; Event tickets; Vehicles; Services; Tariff products (mobile phone); Manuals, instructions, information or equipment for the illegal access to software, servers, websites or protected property; Sale of products or services of private addresses; Dietary supplements that are advertised for illness

New at Rakuten

Rakuten offers a marketplace where you can present and sell your products as a commercial trader. Integrated are the payment processing with 12 payment methods and the provision of legally relevant texts.

Read more about your first steps here.

Yes, at Rakuten you have personal contact persons. These help you from the beginning and give you help and advice. If you have any questions, please contact your contact person. 

By phone or mail: Monday - Friday, 9 - 18 h
Phone +49 951 408 391 10.
Mail support@rakuten.de


Duration: 12 months. Without cancellation with a renewal of 12 months.

After you have registered , you will receive the access data for the shop administration with the admission confirmation (Zulassungsbestätigung) sent to the specified e-mail address. From this point you can set up the account. Once you have submitted the requested documents, your account will be unlocked. From this point on, you can make the shop accessible to the public.

Yes. Please contact Rakuten under 0951/40839130.

The faster the requested documents reach us, the faster the colleagues of the Account Opening Team can check the data and release the shop if all documents are available. From this point on, you can put the shop online so that customers can shop. The rest depends on how fast you can set the product data and the shop design.

You will get an email with the required documents.

Please write an email to verwaltung@rakuten.de

Send an email to verwaltung@rakuten.de 
Please note that you have to cancel the contract at least 1 month before the current contract period ends.

You received the Zulassungsbestätigung with all relevant contract data.

The first booking takes place after 3 days after you signed the contract.


You can find the fees here.

You will get the fees back if you confirm a return in the order management system.


All merchants at Rakuten use Rakuten's integrated payment service (escrow service). The trust agreement is concluded upon conclusion of the contract. The payment process is regulated in clause 4 of the GTC. The customer exclusively uses the payment process of Rakuten and pays via the payment methods offered to Rakuten. 

Rakuten checks the creditworthiness, but also the correct address. 

Rakuten Deutschland GmbH is an authorized payment institution according to § 1 para. 2 no. 6 ZAG (financial transfer transaction) and is regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

The payment methods are listed here.

An order can be paid out after the 16 days of protection period. More under Verwaltung (Administration).


Rakuten does. You can't change the T&Cs.

Rakuten does it for you. You can't change the conditions.

It is already included into the buyer's T&C and the imprint.

Order management

You can see new orders on the page Bestellungen (orders) and you will receive an email that a new order is available.

You have to wait till Rakuten receives the money from the buyer. Prepaid and Barzahlen are the two payment methods where we have to wait till the buyer paid the order.

Go to the specific order under Bestellungen (orders). Search for it and then click there on the tab Gutschrift/Retoure. There you can proceed the return.