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Optimise your traffic on Rakuten Marktplace and beyond effortlessly. Our Inhouse-Marketing-Agency is a free service and will help you to improve your performance.    

Rakuten Advertising

Effectively market on, increasing your brand awareness and your sales.

Your advertisement options:

You benefit from 200 million page views annually. Utilize marketing options for your sponsored products on a cost per click basis, or for your brand on a cost per mille basis.

Place your advertisement on:


In order to make your campaign even more successful, directly reach your customers using the B2C NEWSLETTER (600,000+ recipients).

You determine, whether customers are forwarded to your products, your brand page, or your merchant profile when clicking on your advertisement banner.

Your advantages:

  • Over 21 million different products from all categories and
  • Annual growth of 25 percent.
  • Rakuten loyalty program: With the help of Rakuten Super Points you can market your premium products without reducing the price, even creating added value for your customers.
  • We are not your competitor! We are the marketplace providing you with a platform.
  • Effective campaign reporting by our in-house marketing agency without extra costs.


Here you can find more information on your Product Listing Ads at Rakuten.

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Rakuten Merchant Marketing

Our in-house marketing agency is available to all Rakuten merchants. It is our job to specifically utilize your marketing budget for effective marketing measures. That is how your products quickly become top-sellers, increasing traffic, conversions, and sales. Take advantage of the know-how of our certified Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, and Display experts.

You define the budget and we ensure your online shop makes a big leap forward. The best thing: as Rakuten merchant, this exclusive service is free!

Your advantages:

  • Individual budget planning with full cost control
  • Google-certified online marketing know-how
  • Continuous optimization of your campaigns at no extra cost
  • Search engine and social media campaigns
  • Increased customer journey measurability
  • Extensive reporting and evaluation of your performance

Your E-Commerce Consultant advises you on the best possible marketing of your products. Throughout the entire duration (12 months), you will receive insightful reporting on the success of your campaigns.

Play your marketing budget effectively - We bet on joint success! 

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Every online merchant wants it: Top placement on price comparison portals. Dynamic Coupon Campaign is a free service that takes your products to the top of the rankings on price comparisons portals. Your prices are checked against the best price and automatically adjusted daily.

How it works:

  1. Choose your products or product categories that you want to take to the top of the rankings on price comparison portals.
  2. Your E-Commerce Consultant analyses the products’ current price levels and together, you set the maximum discount, e.g. up to 15%.
  3. Set a time frame. Start and duration of the campaign are up to you.
  4. Your E-Commerce Consultant sets up the technical connection for you.
  5. Based on the current best price, a coupon code is generated daily that discounts your price within the set frame. The discount is directly displayed on the comparison portal.

Your advantages:

  • Full cost control
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Huge competitive advantage
  • No extra costs


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The price is critical for the decision to buy. Convince your customers with exclusive coupons for the Rakuten marketplace. We support you in offering your customers especially attractive prices for your product range.

How it works:

  1. Choose a coupon value of 10 %, 15 % or 20%.
  2. The coupon is valid for one month and for you entire range of products.
  3. Your offer is displayed on the marketplace and on select campaign landing pages.

Your advantages:

  • Presentation of your offers on Rakuten campaign landing pages
  • Displaying and accounting for the coupon value on price comparison portals
  • Attractive savings for your customers
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Additional marketing through campaign newsletter
  • Your offer stands out from the products of the competition.

Coupons should not be missing from your online marketing mix. More than one third of online shoppers base their decision to buy on coupons.

We gladly advise you on your options. Interested? Contact your E-Commerce Consultant or our Campaign team.

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Get your advantages at

We regularly offer many campaigns for you to participate in to ensure the best placement of your products on our marketplace. Simply choose the Rakuten campaign that best matches your online shop, e.g. Easter Sale, Super Sale, or HOTdeals.

How it works:

  1. Choose one of the seasonal Rakuten campaigns.
  2. Set a coupon value for your entire product range.
  3. The coupon is valid for the entire duration of the campaign (2-4 weeks)

Your advantages:

  • Campaign presentation on the Rakuten homepage
  • Free participation in high range campaigns
  • Attractive offer prices enable increase in sales
  • Optional purchasing incentive: extra Rakuten Super Points for your customers
  • Displaying and accounting for the coupon value on price comparison portals
  • Campaign promotion on multiple online marketing channels such as Google Listing Ads, Affiliate networkds, and performance marketing.
  • Additional marketing through campaign newsletter


Your products on the campaign landing page generate lots of traffic. Our campaigns enable you to quickly and easily benefit from many advantages in E-Commerce.


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Recommend the Rakuten marketplace to a merchant and receive a 250 Euro credit on your sales fee!

  • Logg in to your merchant account.
  • Go to"Marketing" and choose the option "merchant recommends merchant".
  • send us your recommendation.

A recomendation is successful when the merchant you recommended has completed the registration on the marketplace. Afterwards the Credit will be added to your account.

Our goal: shoppers become loyal customers 

Rakuten Point is an effective customer loyalty program, allowing both merchants and customers to benefit. The more customers buy from you, the more Points they collect. Your customers can redeem the Points at a future purchase in order to reduce the total price.

Your advantages with Rakuten Point: 

  • They are a huge incentive to come right back. A bonus program awakens the passionate collector in everybody.
  • The prospect of a discount reduces the hesitation to buy. Customers perceive the Points as an immediate discount even though this only applies later.
  • Prominently advertised Rakuten Point campaigns such as the Rakuten Super Sale increase awareness and create new buying incentives.
  • More than 80% of customers redeem the Points in the shop where they got them. Other customers from shops in our network can spend their Points in your shop, too.
  • More than 13% higher shopping carts than usual: Points not only improve the chance of a repeat buy, but also lead to higher shopping cart values.
  • Points decrease return likelihood, since the promised benefits do not come into effect until the security period of 16 days has expired.

Score Points with individual campaigns 

In addition to our Rakuten Point campaigns, you can also start your own, individual campaigns. You can choose to advertise your entire range of products or parts of it. You can award any number of Points for a given period:

  • On product level - Points for select products
  • On category level - Points for select categories
  • On order level - Points for the customer’s entire order
  • On everything - Points on your entire product range

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We are using the whole potential of the Rakuten Eco System, to improve the success of our customers.