and delivery dates


Product availability

Ensure that your product availability is always up to date. Items that are not available may not be listed on the marketplace or must be identified as such.


Providing product location

For each order you are required to provide the location of the product concerned at the Merchant Backend. You are required to provide at least the city and country in which the product is located.

Shipping from outside the EU: Items that are shipped from outside the EU and are not held in stock within the EU must be clearly labelled as such.


Specifying shipping times

Orders should be processed and shipped within the specified shipping times so that the customer receives their order on time, thereby providing an excellent quality of service for the customer. You must ensure that 

  • the shipping times for each shipping option you offer are clearly defined at the Merchant Backend,
  • the shipping times are reasonable,
  • they reflect the estimated delivery time of the relevant courier and
  • your estimated shipping times are not misleading.

The shipping estimate includes the time you need to prepare the order for shipping as well as the time it takes for the order to be delivered to your customer. 

The following table provides an overview of the number of working days (Mon – Fri) within which an order must be shipped:

Specified shipping timeShip by no later than
1 - 3 working days2 working days
4 - 6 working days3 working days
6 - 8 working days5 working days
8 - 10 working days7 working days
10 - 15 working days10 working days
15 - 20 working days15 working days
20 - 30 working days20 working days
30 - 40 working days 30 working days
40 - 50 working days40 working days
50 - 60 working days50 working days
> 60 working days60 working days

Please note that shipping estimates are provided in working days (Mon – Fri), not calendar days.

Below are some helpful tips on keeping to shipping times:

Activate the notifications feature at the Merchant Backend. That way you get an email notification every time you receive an order.

Have you connected your shop to our marketplace using an API? Then please ensure the interface is working properly and that there are no error messages. If you are unsure, please contact our Technical Support team.

Once an order is verified, it must be processed as quickly as possible. Please ensure that the order is shipped to your customer within the specified shipping time so that the customer receives it on time.

We recommend shipping the order the same day it is received. This ensures that customers receive their orders quickly.


Shipping delays

Any shipping delays must be noted at the Merchant Backend. A notification is then automatically sent to your customer informing them about the new shipping date. If an order cannot be shipped within 16 days of the order being placed, we will cancel the order.


Late shipment rate

The late shipment rate represents the orders that were not shipped within the specified shipping time in proportion to the total number of orders. It is a quantifiable measure of quality and is included in the Merchant Quality Score, an important indicator on our marketplace. For more information please see the Merchant Quality Score Guidelines. 

Please ensure that your late shipment rate remains as low as possible. Keep in mind that fast and reliable shipping often determines whether a customer will buy from you again.


VersandvorberPreparing orders for shippingeitung

When preparing an order for shipping, you can update the order status using an API or you can do this manually by setting the status to "Preparing order for shipping" at the Merchant Backend. Once this status is set, the order cannot be cancelled for 48 hours.


Shipping confirmation

As soon as an order leaves the warehouse you must confirm that the order has been shipped. A shipping notification is then sent to your customer and the 16-day reserve period for the payment of your funds automatically begins. Please note that you may not confirm shipping without having shipped the order.

The customer can no longer cancel the order but can only return it.

Orders can be tracked to see whether customers have received them.

Please note: If you forgot to confirm shipping, this could be counted as a late shipment. To avoid this, please confirm that the order has shipped.


Order tracking

You can offer customers the option of tracking their shipment via our affiliated delivery providers

A tracking number should be provided for all orders with a value of more than €20. You can enter the tracking number when confirming that the order has shipped at the Merchant Backend. This reduces customer enquiries about the status of their shipment and allows customers to actively track their orders. 

The ability to track orders minimises your shipping risk. 

However, please note that the shipping risk is always borne by the merchant, even where tracking is used. If an order is shipped without a tracking number and the customer informs you that they have not received their order, you are required to ship the order again. By using a tracking number, you can track the progress of your parcel. This way you always have an overview of your orders. The tracking number can be entered when the order is shipped or at a later point in time.

Duty of proof and verification/age restrictions

Items that are permitted to be sold in accordance with the German Protection of Young Persons Act and Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors but which are subject to an age restriction, such as alcohol or products containing alcohol, erotica, data media (e.g. DVDs, books, games, etc.) can only be delivered using a special delivery for age-restricted items. 

As the merchant, you are required to verify the buyer's age using a recognised verification method. 

Do you have questions about age restrictions or available age verification options? Our Merchant Support team can help.


The list below provides an overview of the most important points to keep in mind for the order fulfilment process:

Check regularly whether you have received any new orders.

Process orders quickly, ideally the same day they are received.

Have you connected your shop to our marketplace using an API? Please ensure the interface is working properly and that there are no error messages.

Visit your Shop Administration page regularly to check whether you have received any new orders.

Once an order is verified it must be processed as quickly as possible to ensure the order reaches the customer within the specified shipping time.

Click here to learn more about the order fulfilment process.”.

You will receive an email notification for each order.

An order can have one of the following statuses: "New order", "Order verified for processing", "Shipped", "Delivered", "Payment complete", "Return/partial return", "Cancelled", "Shipment delayed" or "In progress".