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Product titles, product images, product data and product descriptions

When listing products for sale on our marketplace the following guidelines on providing product information must be observed to ensure a high quality of product data:


Product titles

The product title is used to identify the product you want to sell. The better your product title and the more informative it is, the faster your customers will be able to understand exactly what the product is. 

Please ensure that you spell the product title correctly and do not use all caps.Always place keywords at the beginning of the title. Avoid using unnecessary enumerations in the title which only take up valuable space. 

B-grade products and used and refurbished products must be labelled as such. This means that the applicable term – "B-grade product", "used" or "refurbished" – must be included in the title. To ensure consistency with the product title, the product description should also mention the condition of the item.

We recommend the following order: brand + model + key features 

Please ensure that brand names are spelled correctly.

Product titles must be at least 5 characters in length and may not exceed 150 characters. The most important product information must be included in the first 70 characters.

Product titles may not include the following information:

  • A list of all product variants
  • Incorrect product information
  • Prices and promotional information
  • Information on customer rights which have been granted voluntarily (e.g. warranty)
  • You may not select a product title that takes advantage of a widespread crisis situation. 


Selecting the correct Rakuten category for your product

It is important that you select the correct Rakuten category for your products so that customers can find these on the marketplace. This is also important for marketing purposes as it ensures that we select the appropriate category filters on price comparison portals and affiliate marketing websites.

Product data imported from a CSV file must include the Rakuten category


Product descriptions

Both the title and product description must refer to the same item. For this reason, please ensure that you write a detailed product description for each item and do not use a product description for any other item than the one specified in the title. Any reference to the condition of a product made in the title must also be mentioned in the product description.

We are a German marketplace. For this reason, product descriptions must be written in correct German. This prevents misunderstandings about the information provided and subsequent customer complaints.

The better your product description, the more likely the customer is to decide to purchase the product. It also reduces the likelihood that the customer will return the product.

Keywords should be placed at the beginning of each line. This is important as it provides your customers with a clear overview of your product. Your product description should also include important keywords in order to optimise SEO content. Product descriptions should provide the basic and most important information about the product such as ingredients, colour, dimensions, material and other relevant information. 

Do you offer customers a warranty or are there accessories necessary for the use of the product? Include everything important to ensure that you provide a detailed product description. As a merchant you can ensure that your customers fully understand your products by providing informative product descriptions.

Please provide warranty terms in full or provide a link to the warranty terms.

Please ensure that your product descriptions are unique. It is important that you do not copy your product description from another website, including the manufacturer's website.


Product variants

If you want to sell a product with multiple variants such as different sizes or colours, you can add the variants once the product has been listed. The details entered here are then automatically added to the product title.


Product data

As a merchant you must observe the following guidelines when listing products for sale on our marketplace to ensure a high quality of product data:

Google's requirements:Please ensure that your product data complies with Google's product data specification requirements.You can view these here.

Please ensure that you assign the correct brand or manufacturer to products.

The following product data elements are important:

  • GTIN (EAN, UPC or ISBN): The GTIN ensures that products are uniquely identifiable globally and can be used to identify a product. By providing the EAN for example, you support the marketplace search function and help customers search for products. Customers can search for a specific product by entering the product EAN. This makes it easier to find products. The EAN is also necessary for Rakuten to advertise on your behalf on price search engines and affiliate marketing websites. It is therefore important that you always provide the correct EAN.
  • MPN: An MPN is the manufacturer part number. For example, manufacturers of printers provide the MPN for replacement parts or accessories in their operating manuals. If a customer uses this number to search for an item, they expect the correct product to be displayed.
  • Attributes: The key features of each product should be listed as attributes for that product. This information will be displayed in the detailed overview for the product, throughout the order process and during check-out. This also ensures that you comply with your legal obligation to specify the key features throughout the order process.
  • Energy labels: If any of the products you sell requires an energy label, you must ensure that your listing complies with the energy labelling requirement. You can use our upload feature at the Merchant Backend to add the energy label to your listing. You can also include a link to the product data sheet in the product description.

Please ensure that your product data is always up to date and revise it if necessary. When importing data, check that the data was imported properly, i.e. that there were no errors. 

If you would like to know more about how you can optimise your product data or if you have any questions, please contact Merchant Support at


Product images

Product listings must include at least one product image which must provide a visual representation of the specific item described in the product title and product description. Please note that the product image is part of the product description and that the image should not contain any unnecessary or misleading details.

Ideal image size for product images: 500 pixels to 1600 pixels on the longest side. If you upload images in JPEG, please ensure that the image quality is at least 90 dpi. High-quality images that provide helpful information ensure that your products are showcased well and boosts customers' interest in these.

The better your images and image quality, the easier it is for your customers to get a sense of the product.

As a professional retailer, you also want to be viewed as such. This of course also means that you provide high-quality images for your customers. These images must show the product – placeholder images and 'image to follow' pictures are not permitted. Listings with poor-quality product images are generally not included in marketing activities.

Ideally, you should provide several images showcasing alternative views (i.e. from various angles). The image must be clear and the product immediately identifiable. You can upload a maximum of 10 images per product.

Please note that energy labels and product data sheets should not be uploaded as product images. Rakuten has provided a separate upload feature for this purpose (see above).