Customer reviews


Merchant and product reviews as a measure of quality

Customer reviews as an expression of good customer service represent an important indicator of quality at Rakuten. We provide a platform for buyers to share their opinion on their experience with a merchant and the relevant product. This means customers can review both the product and you as a merchant.

Customers review the product or merchant using a 5-star rating system where 5 stars is the highest rating and one star the lowest. 


Merchant reviews

Buyers can review each transaction and can leave a short comment. They can also rate their satisfaction with shipping, packaging and the service received. 

An average rating is then calculated on the basis of each of these scores, with the maximum score being 5 stars. This average rating is displayed in your shop. A high average rating reflects a high-quality performance on the marketplace.

Customers can review their orders within 10 days of the items being shipped. To facilitate this, the customer receives an email with a link to the page where they can submit their review. Buyers can also submit a review through their customer account.


Product reviews

It is important that you provide the best possible buying experience for your customers in order to receive positive customer reviews.


As a merchant, you are strictly prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities:

  • Using the quality rating system to sell products outside of
  • Offering discounts, rebates or any other advantage to receive a positive review.
  • Manipulating reviews by collaborating with customers or by any other means (e.g. via a third party) thereby influencing the quality rating system to the detriment of Rakuten's customers and to the detriment of Rakuten itself.


Removing reviews from your shop

If you are unhappy with your reviews, please speak to your point of contact or get in touch with Merchant Support. 

You do not generally have the right to remove specific reviews. However, this is not the case if you can prove that the customer's assertion is false or if you can present Rakuten with a court order to remove a specific review.

Rakuten nevertheless reserves the right to remove reviews at its own discretion if:

  • It can be proven that the assertions are false.
  • It is clear that a review is unrelated to a transaction.
  • The review only applies to the product and was entered as a merchant review.
  • The customer has based their review solely on the price of the product.
  • The review contains promotional material for other merchants or websites.
  • The review contains offensive language.
  • The review contains personal information.
  • The review is not written in English or German.
  • The review contains unlawful content.