Customer service and 


All communication between you as the merchant, us as the provider of the marketplace and our customers is polite and professional. We place a great deal of value on a service-oriented approach in the marketplace – to the benefit of everyone involved.

Customer service, reachability and contact rate

Customer service: dealing with customer enquiries and complaints  

Enquiries addressed to us as the marketplace operator

As the marketplace operator, customer enquiries and complaints are generally addressed to us. Customer Support handles these on your behalf.

Where necessary, we will forward the customer's enquiry to you.

Enquiries addressed to you as the merchant

When a customer contacts you, the merchant, directly – either before or after a purchase – because they have a question about your products or an order, you will receive this enquiry at the Merchant Backend. We therefore ask that you check your inbox at the Merchant Backend regularly.

Always respond to customer enquiries within 48 hours – but preferably on the same day – by emailing the customer directly. (Please note: auto-reply emails do not count). This ensures your customers receive good service and prevents us from having to act on your behalf when a customer enquiry has received no response.

Service quality guidelines

Please observe the following guidelines on service quality when dealing with customer enquiries and complaints:

When you receive a customer enquiry or complaint, respond within 48 hours.

Always remain focused on finding a solution and take your customers' enquiries seriously.

Ensure that Rakuten Customer Support is cc'd in all customer enquiry communications.

If you receive a complaint, identify the source of the problem and, if necessary, discuss possible ways to handle it with your point of contact at Rakuten. We provide personal assistance to help you find a solution. Simply get in touch with Merchant Support at:

A high quality of service creates satisfied, loyal customers.

An increased number of customer enquiries due to poor service or an increased number of customer complaints can impact your seller account (e.g. poor Merchant Quality Score). Prevent this from happening by contacting us if you are unsure about anything.


To offer your customers the best possible service, specify your availability by phone in your seller profile. This provides a quick and convenient way for customers to reach you if they have any questions. Please ensure that your contact information and operating hours are always up to date at the Rakuten Merchant Backend.

Should you have any contact with customers outside of our marketplace, by email or telephone for example, please ensure that Customer Support receives a copy of all correspondence by adding as a cc. This ensures compliance with response times and that Customer Support is always fully informed and can respond to customer enquiries accordingly. 


Customer enquiries 

This includes all customer enquiries and complaints you have generated and which are related to orders in your shop. It is a quantifiable measure of quality which is of great importance on our marketplace. Try keep the number of customer enquiries to a minimum – if the number of enquires is too high and we believe there is room for improvement, we will get in touch with you.

The number of customer enquiries related to orders is considered in relation to the total number of orders. For more information see the Merchant Quality Score guidelines.


Communicating with customers (outside of transactions) 

As a merchant you are strictly prohibited from engaging in any further communication with customers outside of communications relating to transactions (e.g. sending advertising emails). Please also note the relevant GDPR provisions and the provisions outlined in Section 7 of the German Act against Unfair Competition (UWG).

Most notably, as a merchant, you are prohibited from contacting customers in order to conclude a sales agreement with them for products you sell on Rakuten outside of the Rakuten marketplace, if your initial contact with the customer was on Rakuten.


Special conditions for merchants not based in the European Union (EU)  

As a merchant located outside of the EU, you are required to enter the name of a contact person together with a current email address at the Merchant Backend for Rakuten's Customer Support.


You have questions or need support? 

Merchant Support is available to answer any questions you may have about your merchant profile. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to