Service quality

For Rakuten the Service quality is very important to get satisfied buyers. 

Following some important data about service quality.



Service qualityData quality

Customers expect a good service from the merchants. 

This must also be in the interest of the merchants, because a satisfied customer can become a returning customer.  Of course, there will always be dissatisfied customers. Here is the challenge to generate a satisfied customer out of an unsatisfied customer.

 Rakuten also pay attention to the service quality of the merchants. In the KPI overview for PRO merchants in your shop administration you will see different quality criteria.  Always try to generate 100% customer satisfaction.


What is important

Following aspects are very important:

  • Kundenbeschwerden: no to less customer complaints
  • Angabe von Trackingcodes: trackable orders (mind. 97% of orders)
  • Einhaltung der Lieferzeit: delivery in time (mind. 97%)
  • Kundenbewertungen: customer reviews
  • fast answer of customer mails
  • low cancellation rate (under 3 %)
  • low return rate

Deliver in time

  • Check regularly for new orders. 
  • You will receive an e-mail with each order telling you that an order exists. 
  • Also make sure that when using the API, your interface imported the order data. 
  • If the order is approved, you should process it immediately or  in an appropriate time so that the customer will receive the order in the promised time.
  •  Ideally, you will ship the goods on the day the order is received.

TIP: Check regularly in your shop administration, if new orders have arrived. 
Also check your mail account if you have received a mail for a new order. For API connection: Also check regularly whether your connection is working properly.

Fast delivery

  • Please make sure that you deliver to the customer within the delivery time you have specified. 
  • The delivery time is the sum of your shipping preparation time and the actual transport to the customer. 
  • In the following table you can see the delivery times and when you have to ship the order. 
  • Rakuten does not use calendar days but weekdays (Mon - Sat).
Lieferzeit/delivery time spätestens versendet in/ship latest 
1 - 3 working days2 working days
4 - 6 working days3 working days
6 - 8 working days 5 working days
8 - 10 working days7 working days 
10 - 15 working days10 working days
15 - 20 working days 15 working days
20 - 30 working days20 working days
30 - 40 working days30 working days
40 - 50 working days40 working days
50 - 60 working days50 working days
> 60 working days60 working days
  • Ideally, you ship within 1-2 working days so that the customer receives the delivery quickly. 
  • Fast and reliable deliveries generate satisfied customers. 
  • So that the customer - as well as our system - also knows that you have shipped, please set the order as shipped immedeately when you start the shipment. Either manually or via API.

Please also add the tracking code to the order. The customer can view this information in the customer account and in the shipping confirmation email.  

TIP: When you initiate the shipment, you can use the status "In Shipping Preparation" (setOrderInLogisitcs) via API. Also make sure that you do not produce a delivery delay. If you can not ship in time, change the delivery times for the product or variant. We recommend that orders received before 11am and released are shipped the same day. All other orders the next day.

Mark order as shipped

  • The shipment has to be made within the delivery time. So the customer can receive the goods within the delivery time set by you. 
  • Confirm shipment as soon as the order is shipped
  • Ideally, you offer your customers a shipment tracking. This allows the customer to track where the package is at any time and does not have to ask you first.

This has several reasons:

  • Our system is informed that the shipment has been initiated
  • The customer receives a shipping confirmation 
  • The 16-day safety period has started 
  • The customer can no longer cancel, only return

Ship with tracking code

  • You can easily see if the customer has received the order. 
  • The customer can see when he can expect the package. 
  • The customer can see when the item was handed over to the shipping service provider. 
  • You enter the tracking code for orders of 20 Euro or more. 
    Exception: freight forwarding and digital shipping. 
  • You transfer this either via API or enter it manually into the order. Always enter the tracking code. Customers want to know where the package is located.

Note that the shipping risk is on your side. 


  • Keep the cancellation rate below 3%. 
  • Ideally, you do not have to cancel orders before shipping. 
  • This includes all cancellations that you are responsible for. 
  • Avoid missing stocks. Is a product still not be available, not even from other merchants, you can select the reason for cancellation "Goods not available". 
  • Also avoid cancellations due to late delivery. Always keep the delivery times. 
  • If this is not possible in principle, increase the delivery time for this product.


  • It can happen that a customer wants to return an order.
  • With good product data, you can influence the returns rate, because with all the necessary information about the product, the return probability for the customer decreases. 
  • Once you have received a return, edit it and tell the system in a timely manner.  

TIP: Please check immediately a received return and indicate this in the system. If in doubt, you decide for the customer.


  • It can happen a buyer has complaints about defective or defective goods. 
  • It is important to distinguish whether it is a material defect, incomplete or incorrect delivery. 
  • Regulate complaints due to a material defect promptly and easily. 
  • Also incomplete or wrong deliveries should be managed uncomplicatedly and promptly. 
  • In such cases, optimize your processes so that such cases no longer occur. 

Faulty deliveries have a negative impact on your quality score and can even lead to competition law consequences.

Answer customer inquiries in a timely manner

  • If you receive customer inquiries, answer them as soon as possible. 
  • If a customer request is received via the Rakuten ticket system and will be forwarded to you, please answer this request in response to the mail. 
  • Ideally, answer inquiries within 24-48 hours, ideally on the same day. 
  • Rakuten attaches great importance to solving customer inquiries.

TIPP: If you receive a customer request via Rakuten, please only reply to the customer via this forwarded mail. Thus, Rakuten can record that an answer has been made.

Customer complaints

  • Please take customer complaints seriously. 
  • In some cases, your customers ask Rakuten for help. In such cases Rakuten Customer Service will forward this request to you. 
  • Please edit this request within 1 - 2 days maximum via the Rakuten system by answering the customer request in response to the forwarded mail. 
  • So the Rakuten customer service can see if the customer's request has been processed.


Customer reviews

  • Also customer reviews have an influence on the service quality of a merchant.
  • Customers are guided by reviews. 
  • Rakuten Germany offers customers the opportunity to rate the order. 
  • We ask for the satisfaction with the delivery, the goods, packaging and service. 
  • The customer receives an email with a evaluation link 10 days after shipping. 
  • An important question in the customer evaluation is also whether the order has already been received. 
  • This question should be answered Yes, because a delivery usually takes no longer than 2 working days. 
  • In addition, the customer can use the customer account to rate the order and view the rating. 
  • Poor ratings not only affect the dealer, but also Rakuten. 
  • Therefore, please make sure that you keep your service and your product data on a high level, so that your reviews are positive.

TIP: How to get good ratings? Simple answer: with good customer service.  

  • Answer customer inquiries quickly and professionally 
  • Pay attention to professional packaging 
  • Deliver the order quickly and reliably. 
  • Deliver the right product  
  • This also includes the advice in advance of the purchase:  
  • Provide realistic inventory information and delivery times 
  • Offer professional product images 
  • Provide good product information so that the customer gets the right idea of ​​the product