First steps


How to get started

As a Rakuten merchant you have a support assistant from the very beginning at your side. After the legal audit has been successfully completed, you will receive an assistant from our onboarding team for 90 days, until your account set up is completed.

After registration you will receive a confirmation of admission via e-mail. In it, you will receive all important information such as:

  • Access data for your merchant account
  • Conditions and contract term
  • The General Terms and Conditions (AGB)
  • Information about required documents
  • Marketplace Guidelines

Selling with legal certainty means that Rakuten guarantees authorities and customers that the company data of all traders on the marketplace is correct. Therefore, to sell on Rakuten, you have to submit the requested documents depending on the type of company.

We will inform you via e-mail which documents are required for your registration.  Submit all necessary documents promptly so that the legal review can be carried out quickly.

After successful verification, you will receive a corresponding message via e-mail and are clear for trade.

From now on you can view your merchant account and start setting up your shop on Rakuten.

You can now log in to your merchant account and start setting up your shop. Our onboarding team will support you. First of all, enter all important information:

  • Enter company data
  • Upload company logo
  • Activate / deactivate automatic invoicing
  • Define payout scheme
  • Check contract data at→ My customer data

At Rakuten you set the shipping costs in shipping groups. You have the option of setting up to 20 different shipping groups. In each shipping group, you create the conditions and costs for product shipping and the conditions for return shipping. You then assign the shipping group with the corresponding shipping costs to each product.

You will receive support from our onboarding team for all necessary steps.

You have three options foruploading your products:

  • manually
  • Via CSV file (Example CSV file and Example Categories file)
  • Via Shop-API (Details about the API can be found here)

A good quality of product data is always important, so that your products can be found and - of course - be bought. You can find more information at: Product Data Guidelines & Guidelines.

With assistance from our onboarding team, your account will be cleared and is ready to go online. After going live, your products will be available on the Rakuten market place. You switch from your support assistant from onboarding to your personal e-commerce consultant. Now you are be able to make detailed settings for Rakuten Merchant Marketing and ger a head start in you marketplace performance.

Your e-commerce consultant will contact you regularly to discuss your progress. In addition, you will receive valuable tips on how to optimize your shop.


You can independently control and optimize your processes. Your e-commerce consultant will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

The onboarding team takes time for each new merchant to individually set up the shop. Our specialists will show you exactly, which settings and possibilities you have to successfully sell on the marketplace.