It is possible to import a CSV-file by our system. To import products via a CSV-file, you need a suitable file. You can import this file once from your hard disk. This is possible up to five times a day. 

Übersicht (overview): Here you can see the information about your imports. 

Import: You can import a CSV-file from your computer. 

Zeitpläne (scheduled import): you can import a file from an URL at predefined dates. 

Einstellungen (settings): You can change the settings for the error protocol.

Example file, Rakuten categories, reduced categories

Example file:                                    CSV-Datei
Download of Rakuten category list: CSV-Datei
List of reduced categories:    CSV-Datei

You need a calculation program that saves the files as CSV. To view the structure of the CSV file, you can download the sample file [ss1]. This file contains a non-variant product and a variant product. 

These mandatory entries are necessary to import products: 

- Produkttitel (product title (max. 100 characters)) 

- Produktpreis (product price) 

- Produktbeschreibung (product description (HTML possible)) 

- Versandgruppe  (shipping groups)

- MwSt. (VAT)

- Lieferzeit (delivery time) 

- Bestellbar (product can be ordered) 

- Sichtbar (visible) 

- 1. Produktbild (1. product picture) 

- Kategorie (category) 

Please note that you always enter the GTIN (EAN) with 13 digits.

If your import is incorrect, you will receive a corresponding message via e-mail. 
You can view the error protocol in your merchant account under Import in the overview. 

You can upload your CSV-file directly from your computer by using the tab Import.

To create a new import just click on the tab Import on the button Neuen Import anlegen (add new import).

Under Import, you can see the list of the latest imports and you have the option to start an immediate import. 
You can also set up a new, immediate import here:

  • Please first select how you want to import the product data (Wie sollen Ihre Produktdaten importiert werden?):

- Neue Produkte anlegen (add new products)

- Bestehende Produkte aktualisieren (update existing        products) 

- Produkte, die nicht in der Datei vorhanden sind, löschen (update existing products and delete variants which are not in the file)

  • Structure of the CSV-file (Angaben zur Struktur der CSV-Datei
    - Headlines in first row: if yes, click checkbox 
    - Import file from row n: if yes, click checkbox and choose number of first row to import 
  • Choose charset (Welcher Zeichensatz
  • Which field delimiter? (Durch welches Zeichen warden die einzelnen Felder getrennt?
  • Which character is used to seperate texts? (Welches Zeichen wird verwendet um Text zu trennen?

Upload the file with Durchsuchen.

After uploading the file click on the button weiter (next). 

Now the file will be analyzed and a matching of the file columns to the database columns take place. 
You can make changes and add some formula to manipulate the import by clicking the button in the third column . 
On the right side you can see the first two products. 
Click on the button weiter (next) to have an automatic check of the csv file.

If there are errors you can see it in the table.

Click on ausführen to start the import. 
On the page Übersicht (overview) you can see the status of the import.

By using Zeitpläne (scheduled import), you can set up a new, automated import.

You add the path to the import file instead of uploading the file. 
And there is one option for the product import for updating product images. 
You have the possibility to add up to five scheduled imports like every day at 8, 12, 15, 18, 20 h (as an example).