The merchant account

Here you will get a short overview about the different sections of the shop administration.

Overview page (Übersicht)

After you have logged into your merchant account with the access data from the registration mail, you are on the overview page. From here you have access to the several sections. In addition, you will find some information about your account and about selling at Rakuten.

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Orders (Bestellungen)

In this section you can find the order management. After you have clicked onto Orders, you will see all new orders. By selecting the appropriate filter, you can have e.g. access to all orders.

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Products (Produkte)

Click on the link Products and you will find the product management. All products that you have integrated into your Rakuten account can be found here. You can search for products  or use filters to view specific products.

In addition, you can also use the web interface to create new products.

In order to be able to display your assortment structured in categories, it is recommended to create shop categories. Under Categories you can do this manually. Here you can also see all already created categories that you have integrated manually, via CSV import or API.

If you are using the csv import functionality or using the API you have not to create categories manually but import them directly.

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Export / Import

The product data can be downloaded under Export as CSV file. This file has the same format as the sample CSV file for import.

Product data can be integrated via Import. You have the option of one-time import and timed import. With so-called schedules, you can regularly import product data - up to 5 times a day.

By the way: You can also integrate product data via the shop API. The API can be found at Connect> Shop API.

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Attribute sets (Attribut-Sets)

You can create so-called attribute sets with Rakuten, which you can use for your products to display important information. You can manually add a attribute set with essential characteristics of the product to each product that will be displayed in the checkout.

product labeling (Produktkennzeichnung)

Mark books, magazines and other products that are subject to book price binding, so that no coupons and super points can be counted.


In this section, you can set your merchant account live and start selling. After you have received the approval from the administration team and integrated your product data, you can start selling your products.

All other areas under Shop are for designing your shop.


To promote your products you can use several marketing tools. You can find here Rakuten Mail and you can create coupons for your customers.

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Statistics (Statistik)

Simple statistics about the number of orders, the monthly turnover and the shopping cart value can be found under the item Statistics.
Under payment methods e.g. you can see how customers have paid for their products.

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Connect e.g. your inventory management system with our marketplace. This is possible with our open shop API. A variety of inventory management systems or ERP systems are able to integrate and process orders directly or through an interface system, thanks to our APIs.

In addition to the Shop API, Tools & Services also includes a module for using Google Analytics for more statistics about your Rakuten account. You will also find a module here to connect afterbuy.

Shipping service provider Hermes can be used via the corresponding module.

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Messages (Nachrichten)

Click on Nachrichten and you will find all messages sent through the contact form. 

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Administration (Verwaltung)

In the administration section you can find the possiblity to change your password or to upload your shop logo. You will also find the possibility to change several legal and payment settings. 

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