Product data quality

For Rakuten, product data quality is an important aspect. with good product data, your customers get all needed information before they buy the items. And Rakuten can include your products in marketing campaigns  more effective.

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In this information we would like to give you tips on the quality of your product data.  

Please pay attention to the quality of the data, because your competitors don't sleep. 

This better product data you increase easier the number of your (satisfied) buyers.


That's about

Imagine you want to buy something. To do this, you will enter a search term in a search engine.  

The search engine is now looking for the right results for you. 

To include the merchant's product in this selection, the search engine needs to know if the product fits the search query. For this the search engine needs appropriate information: the product data.

The better the product data, the better the search engines can recommend the right products to the customers.


If the search engines have sent you as the merchant a prospect for the product on the product page, then the customer can decide with the optimized product data, if the product is the right one and if he wants to buy it.

So the goal is to realize optimal marketing for your products and to generate customers who keep the products and are satisfied.

Product data is all information about your product. Be careful in the creation of the data.

The better your product data, the better the customers can find out about the product. But also the ability to get marketing information includes good product data for Rakuten and other search engines.

Important product data

  • price
  • product specific features
  • article numbers (own, manufacturer part no. and GTIN)
  • categories
  • images
  • product descriptions
  • product name

Regular data control and data update

  • Make sure that your product data is up-to-date. 
  • Above all, the specified stock must match the existing stock. 
  • Check in the case of product import (csv or API) if they have been transferred without errors.
  • Not only the stock, but also delivery time and price are important elements to be checked. 
  • Check your prices for marketability.

Specify all existing part numbers

The GTIN (EAN, UPC or ISBN) as well as the manufacturer part number (MPN) provide additional information to your customers as to whether the product is the right one.

For example, manufacturers of printers refer the MPN in their manuals when it comes to replacement or additional items. If a customer searches for this number, they also want to find the corresponding product. If you haven't specified the MPN, you have most likely not made the sale.

The same applies to the GTIN. This unique number accurately identifies the item and assures the customer that it is the right item. The GTIN is also important for marketing campaigns. Always enter the correct GTIN.

The product title must be meaningful

The better the product name is chosen, the faster the customer will know which product it is.

 Make sure that you write the product title correctly, do not capitalize. Put the main keyword at the beginning. 

Also avoid unnecessary lists in the title, which take away only space. 

Brand, prices and advertising claims. are not part of the product title.

A good formula is: search term + model + additional information

Product titles can not exceed Rakuten's maximum of 100 characters.

Special field for the brand

Please do not add the brand to the product name, but use the appropriate box. You have 30 characters available. Please do not use entries like "noname" or "no brand", only the actual brand.

Correct categories 

If a customer visits your online shop, he might not only want to find products via the search function, but also via the category navigation.

This "strolling" through the shop makes it possible, for example, to be able to see and select alternative products, to find further products and to record the assortment.

In doing so, please use a category structure that meets the needs of our customers. Create the category structure from the customer's point of view and never according to your internal needs or the structure of your ERP system.

Ideally, use no more than three - four navigation levels. The shop categories allow the customer to better and faster capture your assortment, to move through your entire assortment and also to shop far away from the search function.

You can add multiple store categories to each product.

Correct Rakuten category

Not only in the Rakuten shop is a categorization of the products important, but also on the Rakuten marketplace. The customer also wants to find the products in the right category here. In addition, a correct Rakuten category allocation is necessary for Rakuten to carry out marketing measures.

Why are good product images important?

The better your product images are, the better the customer can get a picture of the article.

You as a professional seller want to be seen as such.  Of course, this also means that you provide your customers with high-quality images that actually show the product to the customer. Do not provide products that have no images. 
Above all, no-image images are to be avoided, because on the one hand this seems unprofessional, on the other hand these products are definitely removed from marketing campaigns. The customer wants to see the product and not buy the cat in a poke. Or would you like to buy a product where the dealer does not show you the item? The customer wants to recognize what is in the photo and have no blurry pictures in front of him.
Offer the customer not only high-quality product images but also images from several perspectives.

  • no drawings or "picture follows" pictures
  • at least 500 pixels, ideally more than 800 pixels on the longest side
  • first picture ideally freed, without accessories not included
  • the product must be clearly recognizable
  • high quality product images

Create a good product description

Stand out from your competition. Offer your customers added value, because the customer is the focus. 

Of course, it is easier to take the product description from others. Or just a few keywords to write. But is that enough for the customer? 

The better your product description, the better the customer can imagine buying the product. Of course, it depends on the product they want to sell. Even the most emotionless product can be sold in an unusual way. Finding this way is the task that arises when creating a product description.