First steps with Rakuten

Her you can read about the frist steps with your Rakuten account. 




After registration

After registering with Rakuten you will receive an email (Zulassungsbest√§tigung) containing all contract-relevant data.  

In addition to the login data for your merchant account, this email also contains the conditions of the first contract term as well as the terms of the following contract periods.

You will also find the valid terms and conditions in the appendix.  

You have now access to the merchant account and integrate the necessary information and product data.  

TIP: Save the registration mail or make a note of the appropriate conditions.

Read more in our PDF manual on how to set up your shop. There we have explained step-by-step what settings you need to make.  You can also download our step-by-step instructions here.

First steps with Rakuten  PDF

Always a direct contact to Rakuten

As a Rakuten merchant, you have a direct contact person right from the start. After the legal check has been successfully completed, you will have a direct contact person for 90 days from our onboarding team. 

Extensive support from our experts

At Rakuten, you as a dealer are in the focus of our work. We support you in setting up your account and to successfully sell your assortment on Rakuten.

1. Upload your documents

Rakuten Germany has to check your documents and your data. Rakuten guarantees to authorities and your customers that your company data is correct. Therefore, certain documents have to be submitted depending on the company type. You will receive an email with further information about the required documents.
Please submit the necessary documents so that the legal can be done.
After the successful legal check, you will receive a corresponding message by e-mail. At the same time, however, you can already set up your merchant account and make it ready for sale. 

2. Set up your account

After you have logged into your merchant account, you should first check and make some basic settings under the menu item Verwaltung (Administration). Upload your company logo. If you do not want to use Rakuten's automatic billing service for end customers, then you can deactivate this service.  The payout rhythm can be changed from daily to weekly, fortnightly or monthly. All orders for which the 16-day security period has expired can be paid out.


3. Check your data

We recommend that you check the contract data so that Rakuten has the latest data available. If something about your contract data or imprint information changes or is incorrect, please contact your account manager immediately. Likewise, you should always keep the bank details up to date. You can customize and maintain the contact data of your end customer service yourself. This information can be found under Verwaltung > Meine Kundendaten (Administration> My customer data)

4. Set up your shipping costs

Now the shipping structure has to be set up, before the products can be integrated. For Rakuten you create the shipping costs under Verwaltung > Versand (Administration> Shipping) in so-called shipping groups. They regulate the delivery costs as well as the modalities for the return shipment. You have the option of creating 20 different shipping groups. The first shipping group has already been created for you and can be edited by you. Note that the shipping groups can only be created as a flat rate or per item. And then you assign exactly one shipping group to each product.

5. Integrate your products

After the basic settings have been made, only the product range is missing. In principle, you have three options for integrating the products: manually via the web interface, via CSV file or via the shop API. You should always integrate high-quality product data so that your products can be found and, of course, bought. You decide which way is right for you to integrate the products. The benefit of using CSV and API is that you can automatically integrate the data and perform periodic updates. Once you have integrated the products and the legal examination has been successfully completed, you can start the sale.

6. Start selling

Have you submitted all the documents? 
This is the first important step you have taken.
Your products have been uploaded?
This is the second important step completed.
Set your account online with your onboarding  manager. 

After a short while, the products will be found on the Rakuten Marketplace and you can use our diverse marketing tools.

The Onboarding 

Once your account has been approved, the onboarding phase begins. 

You will receive a direct onboarding manager.  Together you 

  • optimize your processes,
  • discuss marketing measures and
  • the style of the shop.

The goal is to get optimized ways to sell at Rakuten after this onboarding phase.



  • You have submitted all documents. 
  • You will receive an e-mail in which the activation is communicated. 
  • You will be contacted by your onboarding manager. 
  • You will receive a training  on setting up individually tailored to you. 
  • You will be contacted regularly to discuss the progress. 
  • You will receive valuable tips to optimize the shop. 
  • You participate in the first marketing campaigns. 
  • You get tips to increase sales.



You should be able to independently manage the sales and generate sales.

During the onboarding phase you will learn how to control and optimize the processes. 

You will receive assistance to successfully process orders.  

Use this time to optimize the processes. Try to become a Rakuten PRO to get our top rate.

The onboarding team takes the time advice you in setting up your account. To do this, the specialists will show you exactly which parameters are needed to be successful.  

The special feature: The onboarding specialists can show you live which settings you need to change. This will let you see the screen of the onboarding specialist. But this also works the other way round and you can make the settings yourself under the guidance.

The Rakuten Academy provides weekly special webinars to give you the insights of the system and the opportunity to ask questions.

Base settings

Before you import the products into your account , please enter some basic settings in the Administration area.  

The settings you need to make can be found in the help page for Verwaltung/administration.

Shipping costs

You can set up the shipping costs in so-called shipping groups at Rakuten. 

You have the option of creating up to 20 shipping groups, which include the delivery costs and revocation modalities.  More about shipping costs can be found here.

Import products

After you set up the base settings and shipping costs you can now integrate your products.

More about this topic can be found  here.

Editing the design

You can edit the design of your shop area and the mobile view of your shop area. 

The shop is independent of the marketplace. Information can be found  here.