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Rakuten provides online retailers with a new distribution channel for their products. Profit from our strong partnerships. The products sold on our platform are not our own, meaning we don’t compete with your sales. Instead, our success is rooted in yours. Rakuten’s resources are available to all retailers. Increase the traffic and sales of your online shop with the help of an international network, our e-commerce expertise, and a wide range of marketing campaigns. Take the first step towards lasting success with Rakuten. The advantages are clear:

  • Strong partnerships and affiliates help expand the scope of your business
  • Transparent fees with our affordable PRO tariff
  • Personal e-commerce consultants are eager to answer your questions
  • Payment security and legal clarity with all your online shop sales
  • Rakuten in-house marketing for professional marketing strategies
  • Rakuten Point is our bonus programme geared towards customer loyalty
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